Australasian Universities Languages and Literature Association (AULLA)

The Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA) is an international academic organisation that advances research in all fields of language and literature, including linguistics, film studies, philosophy of literature, creative exegeses, poetics, and cultural studies, in the tertiary institutions of Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific. AULLA is affiliated with the International Federation foraaa

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We continually update links to calls for papers and other events or announcements which may be of interest to the AULLA community. Click here to view a list of current announcements.

Announcement: After more than a decade of editing JLLC and its predecessor AUMLA, Peter Goodall is retiring from the position of Editor. We thank Peter for all the meticulous, tireless and invaluable work he has done in managing and preparing the journal, and wish him the very best for his future retirement. From 2016, the journal will be edited by Emily Finlay.

AULLA Members’ Books

Fictional character is an ontologically ambivalent category — at once a formal construct and a quasi-person — which lies at the heart of the life of textual fictions of all kinds. John Frow’s Character and Person explores that ambivalence… Read more…