Jean-François Vernay, A Brief Take on the Australian Novel (Wakefield Press 2016)

From Jean-François Vernay, A Brief Take on the Australian Novel offers a sweeping view of Australian writing since colonialism. Written from an outsider’s perspective, this single-authored overview will appeal to readers through its playful, jargon-free and potentially contentious account of the Australian novel. Vernay offers a unique and insightful perspective on Australian literature. Like a film narrator,aaa


Embodied Cognition and Shakespeare’s Theatre: The Early Modern Body-Mind, edited by Laurie Johnson, John Sutton & Evelyn Tribble (Routledge 2014)

This collection considers issues that have emerged in Early Modern Studies in the past fifteen years relating to understandings of mind and body in Shakespeare’s world. Informed by The Body in Parts, the essays in this book respond also to the notion of an early modern ‘body-mind’ Read more…