Journal of Language Literature and Culture (JLLC)

JLI_RGB_SHADOWThe Journal of Language, Literature and Culture (formerly known as AUMLA) is the journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association. For sixty years, the journal has been an important part of the academic culture of the humanities, in countries around the world but especially so in Australia and New Zealand. It aims to publish stimulating, well-written, authoritative peer-reviewed articles on all topics relevant to the broad fields of language, literature and culture. It is consciously eclectic and diverse in its range of content: works ancient and modern; all languages and literatures; and is open to a broad interpretation of text and culture.  It serves a wide cross-section of interests and backgrounds, enabling the journal to place a priority on clear writing and readability. The journal is international in focus and content, and attracts contributors from universities all over the world. The journal mainly publishes articles written in English, but may also occasionally publish articles written in French or German.

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The journal mainly publishes articles written in English, but may also occasionally publish articles written in French or German. Articles should normally be 4000–9000 words; review articles, 4000 words; research notes and queries, 1500 words; reviews, 500–700 words per book reviewed; letters or brief notes, 300 words.

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JLLC Editorial Board:

Editor & Reviews Editor:
Emily Finlay (Monash University, Australia)

Editorial Board:
Alan Corkhill (University of Queensland, Australia)
A D Cousins (Macquarie University, Australia)
Helen Fulton (University of York, UK)
Nicholas Haeffner (London Metropolitan University, UK)
Bob Hodge (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
Igor Maver (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Raylene Ramsay (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
R S White (University of Western Australia)