Sussex Samuel Prize

$800 Essay Prize for Postgraduate Research Students

The Sussex-Samuel Prize for Postgraduate Students is offered by the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA) to encourage postgraduate student participation in the broader scholarly community.  The prize is awarded for a paper presented at each AULLA Congress by a postgraduate student and subsequently written up for submission, which a judging panel appointed by the AULLA Committee finds significant, innovative and accomplished.

The applicant must be a currently enrolled research student. The author of the winning paper will receive a prize of AUS$800, and the paper will be developed for publication in The Journal of Literature, Language and Culture.  To be considered for the prize, the paper must be submitted as a 5000-7000 word essay on the Congress theme by midnight on May 1st 2017.  If in the opinion of the judging panel no suitable essay has been submitted, the prize may not be awarded in that year.

The 2016 AULLA Congress was held at Victoria University in Melbourne from the 7th to the 9th of December on the theme of ‘Love and the Word’. The conference theme draws on AULLA’s origins as an association of scholars working in various fields of philology. Thus we examine both philos (love) and logos (word). How does affection affect words? What do people mean by ‘love’ and its counterparts in the world’s languages? Or perhaps: how does it ‘do’ those meanings? How might we think critically about the ‘love of literature’, and how does this love work in the world?

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